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emo love quotes

Here are some Emo Love quotes. These are love quotes that are used by The Emo Scene folks to talk about love or profess love. Me, not being an EMO might not be the best person to write EMo quotes but these are just some EMO Love quotes that I gathered for the sayingspage readers. I hope you love these quotes and you will want to pass it around.

I would also appreciate if you could add some emo quotes about love to enhance our page, because I would like this page to grow and you would be the best persons too help grow it by contributing your love quotes in Emo style below.

I will start off with a few emo quotes to get it going but let this page be a dialogue or a forum where we discuss love and romance of “emotional” people

i gave You everyThing, but it’s not just enough, to make you-

Not all scars heal
Not all scars show
but the ones that hurt the most
are the ones within

A broken heart,
A broken dream,
A daughter’s pain,
A mother’s scream,
A bathroom sink,
A sharp razor blade,
A teenage heartache,
A deep cut made…..

“Don’t cut yourself because of a guy. It’s not worth it. Instead, just say goodbye to him and go on with your life. ”

“Life is worthless. I wish I was a flower”

Tears slowly run down my face,
Tears my heart will forever replace,
Tears that have no end,
Tears only your love will mend,

I have you
but I’ve been unfair.
the love we share,
how could I let it slowly slip from my grasp?

Real love is…
To put a smile on someone’s face

Why do i starve myself?
Is it to match the feeling in my HEART?!

“The girl with the broken smile and the stone cold heart stood and watched as the only one who really mattered to her walked away and left her behind. ”

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51 thoughts on “Emo Love Quotes

  1. yano sangreal on

    bakit ka magmamahal ng taong di ka mahal?
    parang nagsagot ka ng exam na hindi naman recorded!

  2. ” locked away forever inside
    tears for you i’ll always hide
    faking smiles so no one will see
    all the pain inside of me
    dying everyday
    all because they took you away
    smiling so no one will see
    the deep scars you left me….”

  3. ngawang on

    the bruses i make the air i take its all cuz of you it some time aques. To feel the sarrow to burry it with in its halow.the skars the cuts its worth life, when there is none..

  4. Elizabeth Conrad on

    When you left me…It was like you taking my heart and soul…saying that you cant have these anymore

  5. memories
    a heart that lays empty and broken.
    an abandoned blade a token.
    silent tears.
    forgotten fears.
    razor blades dripping scarlet red.
    secretly she wished for dead.
    a girl forsaken.
    a life untaken.
    surrounded by all her friends.
    still she wishes for the end.
    a torn and forgotten letter.
    the pain is so much better.
    lost and crying.
    slowly dying.
    still she remembers what was said.
    still she wishes for dead.

  6. ..lil Jhadie02.. on

    ..mahal ko xa but he doesn’t exist!! til now pla my mga taong duwag pa din pag dting sa responsibilities nla…pangako ng pangako wla nmn nangyre,,,pinaasa lng aq..

  7. this is about 3 diff ppl…the demon daddy. my looney angel. my blind knight……

    scream and cluch my pillow tight.
    pathitic pleas of the night.
    choking on the words i cry.
    fighting the urge to give up and die.

    tears streaming down my face.
    a wish for a forsaken place.
    blood stains the covers.
    rements of a forbiden lover….

    the one who eased my plight-
    helped me win a deadly fight.
    please save me help me.
    find the girl i used 2 be.

    im so sick of all the pain.
    gone forever but the fear remains.
    fear that wont let me sleep,
    the secrets ill always keep…..

    tell him everythings fine.
    pray he believes the lies.
    cry my eyes out when hes gone.
    smile now and pretend nothings wrong.

  8. britze on

    My heart has been broken,
    My words unspoken,
    My tears are saying all that needs to be said,
    Thoughts and feelings through my head,
    “How dare you do what you’ve done to me?”
    “How can one guy cause so much misery?”

  9. britze on

    Having the LOVE OF YOUR LIFE breakup with you
    and them saying
    “We can still be friends”
    is like you dog dieing
    and your mom saying
    “You can still keep it”

  10. britze on

    I love him,
    Oh yes I do!
    He’s for ME,
    and NOT for you!
    And if by chance
    you take my place,
    I’ll take my FIST
    and SMASH your FACE!!!

  11. britze on

    You gotta show me you mean it,
    If you really mean it,
    Your talking to me like you mean it…
    And I don’t believe it.

  12. kaitlynn on

    Britze loveing your quotes,here one you many like never let a fool kiss you n never let a kiss fool you

  13. Bayle on

    He used to be so sweet and everything seemed so nice when we’re together. But suddenly everything changed. Now, do I miss him? No. I miss who I thought he was.

  14. i can wait 4 u 4ever and luv u ti’l the end… but what crosses my mind w/c brings a tear is that no matter how much ‘i love u’ dearly i cant make u feel the same…..

  15. love…. is a feeling of being a hapi person.. but theres two 2 ways to follow rules…. either ur mind or ur heart…..so u…wat would u choose…..???

  16. Tears
    At night a river flows from my eyes
    blood red tears billowing in the dark
    there are too many goodbyes
    everyone elses life built in a perfect ark
    while mine is tumbling into an abyss
    my family moving further away
    everything in my life amiss
    my horses bloody muzzle will not nay
    too much death; too much sadness
    these tears giving me a headache
    everything is driving me to madness
    can i rake
    myself together before the dawn
    what greets me is not just a yawn

  17. They say if you love something you should set it free if it comes back it loves you to i say if you love something you should hang on to it with all your will because if you set it free and it doesnt come back your screwed

  18. Demons

    My demons dance in my head
    whispered words left unsaid
    “They don’t want you” “Better off dead”
    These words dance behide my lips.
    As They whisper their hateful tips.
    “such pretty eyes”
    What beautiful lies.
    Hate and fear sore high.
    Taking place of endless skys.
    Constently buzzing in my eyes,
    always my demons are near.
    My life long companions though out the years

  19. even though u have walked away
    i would still b ok
    just becuse i sed i was ok doesnt mean i was fine…..
    becuase that was a lie..
    inside im cring..
    inside im dying…
    inside im wondering wat should i do?

  20. my stomach hurts my heart beats my blood flows my bones ache my eyes cry i feel pain so i must be in love wit u but ur cold dark ur blood doesnt flow ur bones r silent ur eyes r dry u feel no pain so u must not be i love wit me.. life is good butt death is great!

  21. every day i c u i want to cry but i hold bk the tears! but today we saw each other on the steps ur friend askd y wont u tlk to me u shruggd ur shoulders he askd dont u realize she still has mad feelins for u u say u dont care i went into class n was fine i got home n cryd all nite u must love makim me cry!!!!?????

  22. so what if i loved you?
    so what if i cared
    what good were you?
    you weren’t there
    so what if i loved you

    so what if gave you all i had
    so what if we shared a bed
    your love love drove me mad
    it was all in my head
    so what if i loved you

    so what if i cried for you at night
    so what if i died
    things weren’t right
    all i did was lie
    so what if i loved you

    so what if you miss me
    so what if you cried
    its HER you want to see
    i shouldn’t have said bye
    so what if i loved you

    so what if you loved me
    so what if you cared
    your sick of me
    and i dont care
    so what if i loved you

  23. Freaky chick on

    When I met u I was so excited but when u left me I decided that I was damaged and could love no other my heart shattered that day u left and said u loved another so I decided it was over an d I would love another

  24. Love is just a four letter people say.
    If you truly love me,
    Why do you always break my heart?
    If you really love me,
    How come you make me cry?

  25. If I’m smiling on the outside but crying on the inside,
    It’s because of you.
    When you broke up with me,
    I said I would move on.
    But my love for you still exist.
    I pretend to smile
    Just to hide the pain
    I’m feeling in my heart.

  26. jst... on

    my heart is broken
    why can’t he see?
    i’m fed up with this
    is this the way its ment to be??

  27. maddie on

    Don’t worry about me ill be fine if you hear me say i want to die its not that bad i just play in reverse its not your fault you can be a jerk i cut to bleed i bleed to relive the dreadful pain inside of me my heart pounds louder then your screams i try to zone out of this dream i tie the knot and i am gone what a wonderful day it will be when you realize what you mean to me

  28. xXBrokenXx on

    I Can Cry All I
    Want And Wish For
    Things To Be
    But That Wont
    Change Reality
    Beacuse Anything I
    Do Wont Matter
    Because You Love Her
    Not Me And That Is
    Why Im So HeartBroken
    And Wishing To Be Dead
    So I Dont Have To Deal
    With All This Misery.

  29. im sorry im so f*cked up
    im sorry we killed killed our loved
    i hate what ive done to you
    i hate that i lost you.
    goodbye i love you

  30. Sammy Isgonnaeatyou:.x on

    I’m gonna draw a picture,,
    A picture with a twist,,
    I will do it with a razor,,
    And I’ll do it on my wrist,,

    …No point in trying to stop me,,
    No point in trying to care,,
    I’ve started now don’t judge me,,
    But join me if you dare♥

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