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We have some emo quotes and scene sayings which are often used by “emo”. I would have loved top talk about what emo is and all that, but then the first rule of emo is not to talk about it. And if you don’t know emo, you won’t be reading this, so I won’t be talking more and go straight to the emo quotes.
Emo quotes, love quotes
“My Mom Says Im pretty, but I say who cares!”

“You gotta mouth like a razor-blade, it cuts so deep.
So kiss my wrists my neck and give me eternal sleep.”

“The Flowers I gave you have died, been lost, and thrown away, just like me!”

“I can hide everything, im good at it
I’ve had a year of practice
I am alone
…hidden with a smile on my face”

“Blood coming down my wrist with all this agaony Flowing acrros time the only thing I wanna do is let go is the memory you left”

“If i could have her then i’d feel something.”

” iF I dIe ToDay?
wILl yoU comE afTeR?
oR jusT pRetEnD?”

“I tried to hug you..but you left me alone”

“I’ll take this ink from my arms and write your name in the sky”

“I stopped as she stares,
motionless, we stood reading
our souls.”

“I wish my LAWN was emo, so it would cut itself.”

“Suicide Is Painless, What Hurts Is Life.”

“Not all scars heal, not all wounds heal sometimes you cant always see the pain someone feels!”

“My scars she hides,
behind laughter and lies,
she say’s she is fine,
but slowly she dies”

“Pain Doesnt Hurt When That’s All I’ve Ever Felt”

“The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone.”

“I looked into her eyes,
Unwrapping her agony-
Covered souls, I saw.”

“If life is so great..Why do roses have thorns?”

“What is love but something to cause you pain?”

“I wish I was as invisible as you make me feel”

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75 thoughts on “Emo Quotes

  1. lemonx on

    I cry for the time that you were almost mine,
    I cry for the memories I’ve left behind,
    I cry for the pain, the lost, the old the new,
    I cry for the times I thought I had you

  2. i gave him everything;
    my heart, my love, my soul
    one day he said he had to go
    he promised he would always keep those things
    he promised he would come back for me
    at least he kept one promise

  3. I’ve been holding my breath and waiting for you for so long, It actually hurts to exhale now!

    idk i just made that shit up like….now

  4. Emo_Kid_01 on

    The day I met you my life changed. The way you make me feel is hard to explain. You make me fall deeper for you everyday.
    This is what he said to me everyday now how the fuck am I pose to believe that from anyone else when Ive loved him for forever???????

  5. Cayci on

    my lifes meaning died away, as you walked away…
    i made that up one day 0.0 idk if its a good quote tho n.n

  6. “The saddest part isn’t that with each passing day I feel I need you more, it’s the fact you don’t need me at all…”

    “Faith has been broken, tears must be cried, let’s do some living, after we die.”

    “My parents are afraid of the people at Hot Topic.”

    “I was uncool before being uncool was cool.”

    “Thank you for the scars, the guilt, the pain, and every tear I’ve Never Cried.”

    “Sometimes I cry just tp hear you tell me it’ll all be okay…”

    “You know that I’m the kind of girl that feels so hurt, I smile.”

    “Sometimes people run away just to see if anyone cares enough to follow…”

  7. MYSTIQUE on

    come,embace me as i fly off the tower
    for even lord said that we coould fEnough of being Engulfed by the hot pain
    like an euphoric sad moment,perhaps
    death is my only ture companion,followed by my tears
    so come and watch me fly

  8. brokenvampire on

    im crying inside, im bleeding inside, tired of living, while my world keeps dying

  9. Alyssa;]x0x on

    please curse and swear at me
    so i can hear your voice

    Please call me names
    so i know im not nameless

    Please make me cry
    so i know you still care

    Please hate me
    so i know im not invisible

    Please cute me
    so i wont feel numb

    Please let me die
    so i will know i was alive

  10. smushy on

    razor to wrist, sitting on the bed
    waiting for the will to make cupcakes instead

    i made it up one day ^-^

  11. lilo-freak on

    I cry inside
    I bleed inside
    I scream inside
    i die inside

    but on the outside I just smile

    just made that up
    hope you like it

  12. emo people are bitches but emo chicks are hot except the fat ones. they still need to cut there wrist intill they are skinny

  13. im so tired of having to lie
    smiling when i want to cry
    how long before they see-
    past the mask- what is me
    it doesn’t what is said
    i still wish i was dead
    not that it matters if my love cane home
    cause in the end we are alone…….

  14. He thinks he’s the one that made me cry,
    But I cover that up with a big lie,
    Inside it fells like I will die,
    And he looks at me and wonders why,
    He looks into my crying eyes,
    And knows Im done with his lies,
    And I know that everyone cries,
    But the most painful thing is the good-byes.

  15. ngawang on

    I look happy out side of mehh but one part of me is missing is it you, but its just you never talk to me you stare in my dark eyes is it true if you do then tell me, ask me out tell me you Love Me!!!

  16. emo girl on

    “the boy asked how many tears and drops of blood have u shead and she said count the stars

  17. disemoted ash on

    i’m not emo i just hate myself for loving you..

    hope you like it…

  18. Death soul on

    The saddest part isn’t that with each passing day I feel like I need you more, but it’s the fact that you don’t need ME AT ALL !!! ;'(

    Hope u all like it

  19. demko on

    im sitting here feeling your pain the more i feel it the deeper im cutting myself and bleeding.the more i bleed the more i die and more the scars i have to trail behind.

  20. ~kaname|kuran on

    This time I won’t make it change myself.
    This time I will make myself believe
    My heart, it won’t break this time.
    Won’t be left behind.
    I won’t be so shy.
    I won’t let you win this time

  21. Xan Ramones on

    I’ll no longer see the daylight
    with this bullet in my head.
    I’ll no longer cry from now on
    and I’m happy to be dead.

    1st stanza of my poem,”Happy To Be Dead”. add me at facebook.. xan.ramones@yahoo.com

  22. bloodypink on

    love is not the question wether the one you loved would also love you back , …… tama na yung alam kong nagmamahal ako ,….. so what if di niya ako love , …. diba uso naman ngayon ang tanga ……..


  24. mary on

    endless questions-
    why was i put through this horror
    why was my life full of tarror
    was i ment to be strong
    have i done somthing wrong
    cant stand the hurt!
    my haert is burnt
    then i let the blood fall
    from the slit on my wrist
    i still stand tall
    i clench my fist
    soon all is gone

  25. aspyn on

    i need 2 cry
    i wanna die
    i gotta get outta here

    never will i b the same,
    nore do i wanna hear ur name,
    cuz ur the boi im gunna blame,
    for all the hurt in this stupid game♥

    u SAID u wanted me
    u SAID u loved me
    u SAID ud never leave me…
    but now i realize u said alota stuff but didnt mean one word of it

    kisses blown r kisses wasted.
    kisses arent kisses unless they r tasted.
    kisses spread germs n germs r hated,
    so kiss me baby im vaccinated.

  26. jrandall11 on

    It’s another night, as the darkness overwhelms me.
    It’s another tear, as the sadness takes control of me.
    It’s another scream, as the past catches up with me.
    It’s another cut, as the pain finally lets go of me.
    It’s another scar, as the others will not notice me.
    It’s another day, as the night ends and I become the other me.

  27. lollipop addict on

    to the world you might be one person, but to one person you might be the world…

  28. im poorly had so much love i cant take so much bleeding my heart denied so much pain i most hide getting dumb bcoz i was inlove with the person who doesnt love me back

  29. ask me y i keep loving u? wen its clear that u don’t feel the same way 4 me…the problem is that as much as i can’t force u to love me. i can’t fprce myself to stop loving u..

    sumone asked me:y do u like him so..much?bt b4 i answer me bestfriend(aadesh)put his hand over my mouth and said:don’t even get her started!!!!

  30. “if i hurt you so much why do you keep coming back and loving me?” is what he asked
    my answer was “its not the fact that you hurt me its just a matter of time before you loose me.”

    (i had my best freind Brandon ask me that question when we fell in love with eachother but, we’ll never be togather)

  31. they wonder y i love you
    they ask what good are u
    they say all u do is cause pian
    …because of u i’ll be the same
    no more will i scream and cry
    no more will i wish to die
    i promised u that i’ll try

    do u remember our secert place
    thoughts of u i cant earse
    u hurt me once or twice i know
    but still i want you to know
    i love you with all my black little heart
    even though it’s been broken and toren apar

  32. jessamae on

    rasta r colorful has peace,love and unity but emo s cool than rasta eventhough they’re dramatic and full of sorrows only emo makes me alive

  33. i dont want to see other girls hugging you, bc i dont want them having my whole world in their arms

  34. kaitlynn on

    you could me you loved me i was stupid to belive it. i gave you my heart n you throw it back it my face.

  35. kaitlynn on

    Lay me down in a bed of white roses.
    Let me bled out n make them red.
    Let me lay in peace with what i have done.
    No need for crying.
    The pain it gone.

  36. lifes a joke with all its pain n suffering..
    were u live with happiness..
    n die with regrets..
    thats y loving u was a choice..
    cus i knew u were ganna break my heart.

  37. whitney on

    whats up emos i am so chill right now hahahehe quit being emo with your poems and shit

  38. i’m not your girl
    not your world
    i’m not your toy
    stay away stupid boy

    you Love HER! Not me!
    so stay the f*ck away from me!
    i’m nobody. nothing
    and i gave you everything

    “i love you” its not true.
    now i want nothing to do with you
    you left me shattered.
    alone with a body broken-tattered

  39. Eymo Fairy on

    I give u everything,
    But u give me nothing..
    Inside me I can feel the heartbreaking,
    And thank your for that, my darling..

  40. craz3ddemon on

    How can I forget you when you are always on my mind? How can I not want you when you are all that I need? How can I move on if I can’t stand to see you love someone else? How can I stop loving you if you control my heart?
    🙂 X_x

  41. vampire chick on

    this really opened up my mind u said u care but u didnt u took my breath aways and left a hole where my heart should be i hate u for this but i cant stop lovein u too

  42. vampire chick on

    When u look inside a girls heart u see the struggel it takes to get through all the crap in her life all the lies all the bs and the times she wishes she was dead. but most of all u see how hard it was to let go of the asshole who acted like he actually cared

  43. Mariah on

    I close my eyes and for a split second I see this fantasy world….Everythings perfect..Then I wake up.

  44. Hollow Mortal on

    Slit my wrist
    Blacken each eye
    Dig me a grave
    So I can lay down and die

  45. misty blade on

    and now all the pictures have been burned
    and the past is just a another leson learned

  46. misty blade on

    did u forget that i was even alive.
    do u regert ever standing by my side

    did u forgert abou us
    we werre once so strong our love is like a song i wont for get at all

  47. Natasha on

    “most people judge us, but I only they knew everyone we
    Even hold a knife or a razor only two things
    come to mine either cut or just give in and die”

  48. Natasha on

    To many things taken away… Your love replaced by his
    to many people think they understand but the truth
    is they don’t no one can they can only pretend

  49. xXBrokenXx on

    I Hurt Myself
    To Feel Alive,
    You Made Me Feel
    So Special You
    Made Me Fall For
    You But You Had
    No Intentions On
    Catching Me Now
    Everynight I Cry
    Myself To Sleep
    I May Hide All The
    Pain With A Smile
    On My Face But Im
    Actually Dying
    Inside And The
    Hardest Thing In My
    Life Is Living Without
    You </3

  50. Danny on

    You cluelessly hugged me
    Not knowing that it would be that last time
    I’ll be gone soon
    But I won’t tell you
    Because I’m afraid
    You’ll just smile and
    tell me you’d replace me

    Like last time

  51. katelynne on

    this pain in my heart is to much to bare,
    just open my chest and rip it out from there,
    end my suffering,
    heal this pain,
    just promise youll leave me out in the rain,
    that way no one will see the tears pour out of my soul,
    please just leave me there,
    actually i dont really care,
    but id much rather you leave me bare,
    this pain in my chest makes it to much to live,
    so please just kill me now,
    end this hurt im feeling inside,
    dont let me shed one more tear while i cry,
    wipe of my face,
    heal the slits,
    this is the final blow i cant take the worlds harsh hits,
    so take out my heart throw it away,
    no one cars anyway……
    by me Dx

  52. Liam on

    Im ganna draw a picture.
    A picture with a twist.
    I`ll draw it with a razor blade.
    I`ll draw it on my wrist.

    Sick of trying,tired of trying yes im smiling but inside im dying.

    I dropped a tear in the ocean one day,the day I find it will be the day I stop loving you.

  53. Liam on

    sorry for my last comment I got the one in the middle wrong it goes.

    Sick of trying,tired of crying yes im smiling but inside im diying.


  54. “I watched you walk away after you said goodbye.
    You didn’t even turn when you heard me start to cry.
    The pain overwhelms and leads to a knife;
    it’s in your name that I take my life.”

    “I’m crying blood and bleeding tears
    surrounded by my darkest fears.
    And love is great unless it’s fake
    Boys always smile and give heartbreak.”

    I just made these up right now. Take ’em if you want. I like the second one more.

  55. Makayla on

    I want to be your favorite hello – and your hardest goodbye

    I never stopped loving you, I just stopped letting it show

    I swear to you on everything I am, and I dedicate to you all that I have, and I promise you that I will stand right by your side, forever and always, until the day I die

    the worst thing a guy can do to a girl is make her fall for him, with no intentions of catching her

    one night, the moon said to me, “If he makes you cry, why don’t you leave him?” I paused for a while and then looked back at the moon and said, “Moon, would you ever leave your sky?”

    what do you do when the only person who could stop you crying is the reason why you started

    the girl who seemed unbreakable- broke,
    the girl who seemed so strong- crumbled,
    the girl who always laughed it off- cried,
    the girl who never stopped trying- finally gave up & quit

    no more words, no more lies, let it go before it dies. hear the words, hear the pain, the last of love ends in vain. sweet in start, bitter in end, hearts will break never bend

    she’s afraid that after all this waiting he’ll end up with another girl. she’s afraid of what hasn’t happened yet & most of all, shes afraid she’ll never find someone who could compare to him.

  56. wolfie on

    many reasons why i cry, to many reasons why

    cracks in the concrete are just reminders that you fall apart no matter how strong you are

    i want the truth even if it hurts me

    the reason why i dont cry around you is b/c i dont want to explain tht the tears are b/c i love you and you dont kno it

    the best thing about a picture is that it never changes even if the humans in it do

    both leave scars whether on my wrist or on my heart

    so much pain behind my eyes

    promises mean everything, but once there broken they mean nothing

    guess i cut deep enough b/c i got scars

    you’ve chosen ur side, i’ve chosen mine, u cant go back

    when u assume, ur just a bitch

    u swore on my life, i guess tht doesnt mean much 2 u anymore

    If u want him, take him, but just so u kno, i wont ever forgive u

    noone cares….. shooda figured tht out a long time ago

    i was fukking happy for once! than u had to RUIN it!

    feel me fade, hear my silence, watch me suffer, b/c i love you

    all those scars on her arms, dont worry, she says there just reminders of how much she loves you

    thank you for the scars and the pain

    i love you and i have scars to prove it

    love hurts more than hate

    the hardest thing to do is watch him love someone else

    i wish he wood love me the way i love him

    do i really love him or am i addicted to the pain of wanting sumthing i cant have

    every time i see your picture, i grit my teeth to keep from crying

    and past my last breath i will always love you

    im probably the only girl crying for you and you dont even realize it

    these quotes are all about my best friend, nicholas. except for one or two all of them i made up

  57. Onyx on

    “I’m not afraid of the gun in my hand, I’m not afraid of dying, I’m only afraid of the pain it will bring, and seeing my best friends crying”

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