Funny Movie Sayings

From Christmas vacation:

Bethany: Is your house on fire, Clark?
Clark: No, Aunt Bethany, those are the Christmas lights.

Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine.” You know which movie this is from don’t you?

Pulp Fiction:
Vincent: I don’t mean any disrespect, I just don’t like people barking orders at me.
The Wolf: If I’m curt with you it’s because time is a factor. I think fast, I talk fast and I need you guys to act fast if you wanna get out of this. So, pretty please… with sugar on top. Clean the fucking car!

From Enchanted:
Morgan Philip: [talking about dating] You know they always say guys only have one thing on their mind.
Giselle: And what’s that?
Morgan Philip: I don’t know. No one will tell me.

Carol for Another Christmas:

[the Ghost of Christmas Present gorges himself at a banquet table, while barbed wired keeps out starving refugees]
Daniel Grudge: How can you sit there and eat like that, when these people are starving?
Ghost of Christmas Present: Oh? Do they bother you?
[he snaps his fingers, the lights go out and the refugees disappear]
Ghost of Christmas Present: Feel better?

From the Movie Santa Claus:

Lucifer: You shall be punished, and instead of red-hot coals, you will eat chocolate ice cream.
Precio: No! No, Lucifer, King of all Evil Spirits! Not that! By the horns of everything satanic, I beg you! To live I must have heat. Frozen meals are bad for me, especially chocolate! It’s very bad for my digestion, which is so delicate.

One thought on “Funny Movie Sayings

  1. Gary Trotter on

    How do you get that Pulp Fiction is a romantic movie? Perhaps I am missing something.

    I like this one:
    “When I first saw you, I thought you were handsome. Then, of course, you spoke.”
    – CAROL CONNELLY (Helen Hunt) in As Good As It Gets.

    Its a little more romantic a movie than Pulp Fiction.. sort of.

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