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Some Husband Quotes and Husband Sayings,

“There is only one real tragedy in a woman’s life. The fact that her past is always her lover, and her future invariably her husband.” ~Oscar Wilde

“The only way a woman can ever reform her husband is by boring him so completely that he loses all possible interest in life” ~Oscar Wilde

My husband’s a director, so he understands what I do.
Sasha Alexander

“The ideal that marriage aims at is that of spiritual union through the physical. The human love that it incarnates is intended to serve as a stepping stone to divine or universal love.”

~ Mohandas K. Gandhi~

If divorce has increased by one thousand percent, don’t blame the women’s movement. Blame the obsolete sex roles on which our marriages were based.
~ Betty Friedan

Love seems the swiftest, but it is the slowest of all growths. No man or woman really knows what perfect love is until they have been married a quarter of a century. ~Mark Twain

“When a wife has a good husband it is easily seen in her face.”~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

To catch a husband is an art; to hold him is a job.
Simone de Beauvoir

“My husband said it was him or the cat… I miss him sometimes.” ~Unknown

My husband does so many romantic things for me, it’s absurd.
Jennifer Beals

“My husband and I have never considered divorce… murder sometimes, but never divorce.”~Joyce Brothers

Some people claim that marriage interferes with romance. There’s no doubt about it. Anytime you have a romance, your wife is bound to interfere. Groucho Marx

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8 Responses to Husband Quotes

  1. Rohit says:

    “There is only one real tragedy in a woman’s life. The fact that her past is always her lover, and her future invariably her husband.”

  2. Rohit says:

    “Love is the thing that enables a woman to sing while she mops up the floor after her husband has walked across it in his barn boots.”

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  8. tina finney says:

    a woman is defined sometmes in how she looks, have a few kids couple of stecth marks,a family a job or even a stay at home mom ,a wife a counselor a lvr a advoate a friend in a cope of years let me see way u look like…life will take it,s toll and just to find out my marraige is over after all that hard work and sacafrice ,well dam i sign on the line of the divorce decree and i it dont matter i feel ligher, not to say on the bank account side of things it definately will be heavier….aka cheaper to keep her lol.some of u boyzs learn the hard way but prada, louis vuttion here i come…

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