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Here is our latest addition on the occasion of Father’s day: Father’s day quotes..
By Occasion and festivals:
Here are some Graduation quotes.

Some Cute Birthday quotes you can use in your greeting cards or Gift cards, and here are some Funny Birthday quotes if you have a sense of humour :).

Some Quotes and sayings you can use during christmas, Christmas Tree Sayings, and something funny to write in your christmas greetings Funny Christmas quotes.

More Quotes for Occasions and festivals include:

Funny Thanksgiving quotes | Happy Thanksgiving sayings | Birthday quotes | 50th Birthday quotes | Graduation sayings | Christmas Proverbs and sayings | Holiday sayings

And some family quotes and sayings on Relationships:

Some of my favorite Father quotes like, “One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters.” ~ A 17th century English proverb.

Some humorous Wife quotes for fun!

These are some Brother quotes.

For your very special grandfather, some Grandfather quotes.

Well, here are some Husband quotes for those wives and wife to be.

For all the sons and daughters out there, we have some Mother quotes.

I personally don’t have a sister, and I always longed for one when I was a kid, and this collection of Sister quotes is to all the brothers and sisters.

Well, I have no comments on divorce, but here are some Divorce quotes.

Here are some Cousin quotes that you can use to writing greetings and suchlike to your cousins.
By Authors:

Quotes and Sayings by famous Authors:

These are some famous Shakespeare quotes, my all time favorites.

Rome produced many orators and Cicero is undoubtedly one of Rome’s greatest orators, here are some Cicero quotes.

Some famous Alfred Tennyson quotes which are quite inspiring and nice

Some funny and Famous Divorce quotes by Zsa Zsa Gabor and we have Marcel Proust quotes | Napolean Bonaparte quotes | Oscar Wilde quotes | William Wordsworth quotes | Friedrich Nietzsche quotes | John Keats quotes | Zsa Zsa Gabor’s Quotes and one liners | Alfred Tennyson’s Love quotes | Chanakya sayings | George Carlin

By popular Subjects:

I don’t believe in astrology because I am saggitarius and we are skeptical.
Some Failure quotes to motivate you?
For the sports fans out there we have some Basketball quotes.

And to all the beautiful women out there, we dedicate these Beauty quotes.

Some witticism and clever things to enjoy, here are some Clever quotes.

Alcohol is the greatest invention of mankind, here are some Alcohol Sayings.

Some Cute quotes for any purpose. Scrapbook, myspace and what not.

And for those who have just fallen in love and are looking for love quotes , we have hundreds to chose from or you just laugh it off after reading these funny love quotes where you can laugh at how we become fools for love.

and more…

More Subjects..

Here are some Women quotes and all these are not as sad as these break-up quotes and if these are too much for you, we have these sweet sayings that you can use to adorn your scrapbook or facebook wall. For those looking for some inspirations, these success sayings will surely get you motivated. We also have sayings and quotes on holidays and festivals and these Humorous Thanksgiving quotes are our favorite. We do have hundreds of Inspirational quotes also, and for the lovelorn, we have these Emo quotes. We should not take life too seriously, and these Funny Life quotes will teach to laugh at yourself.

And then there are also these baby quotes for scrapbooking, and some generic Baby quotes and scrapbooking reminded me of these Best Friend quotes and Friendship quotes. I am sure Trust is also very important in your life. For those who don’t like censorship and interventions these censorship quotes will be interesting. These are some quotes about change and some on Civilization for you.

These are soem Life quotes from our partner.

Some More Popular topics include:

These are some Anger sayings, T Shirts, Baseball, Chinese, Danger, Short and Funny, Honesty, Doctors, Presidents, Suffering, Attitude, Movie, Enemy, Bible, Broken Heart, Jewish Proverbs, Coffee, Chinese Proverbs, Character, Golf, Abraham Lincoln, Envy, Art, Wise Chinese sayings, Soccer, Nature, Friendship, Famous Birthday sayings, Cute Love , Pirate, Sadness, Army, Christmas cards, Cute baby, Sad Love, Short Movie quotations, Grandmother, Sad Break-up, Freedom Quotes, Beginnings
Just added Sympathy Sayings so that you are not at a loss when you want to offer a few words of sympathy.
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Decision quotes.

And there is also this blog on Funny quotes that you might want to look at for a laugh or some Inspirational Quotes when you are feeling low or down.

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