Sad Emo Quotes

sad emo quotes

Here are some sad emo quotes. Please comment below with your own sad quotes.

“The girl with the broken smile and the stone cold heart stood and watched as the only one who really mattered to her walked away and left her behind. ”

“Life will never get any better. I will always be stabbing away at my arms hopelessly with an olive fork.”

You tell me that I’m not the one, not the one to love, not the one because I’m not pretty enough, not skinny enough, not smart enough.

I wish I’d died in your arms the last time we were together … so I wouldn’t have to wake without you today.

I feel sorry for the boys who broke my heart, because one day, they’re going to wake up and realize they had the world.

Don’t say you love me unless you really mean it,
Cause I might do something crazy like believe it.
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Not all scars show, not all wounds heal Sometimes you can’t always see The pain someone feels

The hardest thing to do is watch the one you love, love someone else in return.

When you look into my eyes, I hope you see the surprise, the hurt you put in my life.
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“I feel like peeling myself to pieces with a knife. I want to hunt deep inside my body for the last remnants of hope that she’s about to cruelly snatch away from me.”

“I feel grave. I want to lie in my grave.”

“The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.”

The worst thing a guy can do to a girl is to make her fall for him with no intentions of catching her.

Whats the sense of wishing for something when I always just wish it away?

Just live and breathe.
And try not to die again.

Every Emo girl wants Edward Scissorhands babies. Why? Well he has scissors for hands which means he could style their hair for free and cut them when they are feeling depressed.

Love is giving someone the power to destroy you but trusting them not to.

Smiles are no more than empty love!

Here are some sad quotes used to taunt Fat EMo girls..
“Pete Wentz hates fatties!”

“You’ll never be skinny thunder thighs!”

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37 thoughts on “Sad Emo Quotes

  1. i think it so nice comment
    coz itz true..

    some of emo person like to die of some person that they love so much

    even me..i want to die because of my boyfriend.when the day break me, i don’t have to choose i will commit suicide because i love him so much.. that’s my opinion.thank you for reading this..

  2. every night i dream of him
    of our that never been.
    when i wake still i cry.
    missing the silver in his blue eyes.
    i close my eyes. wishing with all my might.
    to once more feel his arms around me tight.
    still i shed my silent tears.
    though its been over two years.
    i’ve been in love with him all this time.
    the boy who stole my heart but was never mine.

  3. Ashley on

    Inside me is a broken heart. Outside me are the scars from cutting. In my mind is torture. I just can’t take it any more.

  4. Death on

    Don’t torture yourself over people. Think of those who have nothing, no food, no water, no family’s. Be happy that your lucky enough to have thing’s. Life may put you down at times or more than that. But everyone has bad things happening to. My Granny died last year and I wanted to kill myself over it. I’m still here aren’t I? My family might hate me at times my “friends” aswell. My Granny looked out for all the time. I’m crying now. But as I said don’t torture yourself. Think of the good thing’s in life. Your a kind person, you have a family and friend’s. Don’t waste that. If you want to talk or anything email me at . I’m here for you. Remember your life will be better. Enjoy it. Thank you.

  5. mary on

    one day i was asked this by an freind at school
    how how do you do it
    you smile day after day
    yet when you go home the teirs run down your face as the blood fall from the cuts on your wrists.
    my repliy was
    life is bad and i dont mater, people are my enimys as is life and you have to trick your enimys the way i do that is …pretend that i am happy and i dont care how many times i am hit and how many times my haert is broken because i relese the pain with my blade that glides one my wrist.

  6. Life’s like a razor blade,
    it cuts so deep but when it gets old we get over it and we leave.

    After the years of being treated like shit
    I felt the need to stand up and be stronger
    Doing that doesnt help so might as well leave right?

    You call me emo because I dress like I do
    I have a different personality then you
    You say Im emo because your jealous you cant pull off my look
    But in reality, you just want to be like me when you got the better life..

  7. the world is cold but im still holding on… this pain i feel is my only comfort anymore so whats the point… is it you????

  8. LoverBoy on

    Don’t do it.
    I don’t care who you are, how bad you think your life is…
    It’ll all work out…it did for me..
    I cut myself alot 2 years ago and ended up in the hospital almost dead. It’s not worth it, trust me. Cuz when you see the pain in the eyes of the people around you while you lay in the hospital bed, you tear yourself apart for even considering doing that to them…
    don’t do it…for them…

  9. Dear LoverBoy,
    i don’t how you quit…i know everyone knows and i see the pain in their faces but nothing takes away my pain
    i’m trapped in limbo…i wanna die but cant go through with it cuz of them and cant quit….
    please if you have any advice….help

  10. always scared
    no one cares
    not once dying
    can’t they see
    whats wrong with me
    long a*s years
    no one beleives the scars
    is it so hard to see what we are?

  11. my frens sed we werent ment to be
    but they just couldnt see
    the love between us…
    i didnt no it was actually fuss..
    in the end he left me….
    without truth or letting me free…
    free from his love,
    free from his lies,
    free from something that was once mine.
    {i miss him cus of the memories he left behind}

  12. dOnt hold love too tightly in your hands for you may not know where to find strength to let it do when it decides to leave

  13. i’m not Jaded
    and i’m not Lore
    im not Biterbabe
    or Shorty anymore

    i’m not Shiney
    or Luka Sparks
    i go by my name
    not The Girl Who Barks

    i belong to a lable or a brand
    and never again to a man

    im LAUREN!!!! thats who i am!!!!

  14. Eymo Fairy on

    ” I know you hurt me and I know I’m crying… but i will forgive u.. “

  15. EmoPrincess ^_^ on

    “Lies and excuses are the one thing I know”
    “I’ll put on the mask and show everyone the person im not”
    “dried tears and smeared mascara”
    “Love me as I am or break my heart”
    “Forever crying on the inside”
    “When I say I’m ok don’t believe me”

    (I’m sorry cause I can’t do anything right)

  16. EmoPrincess ^_^ on

    “Lies and excuses are the one thing I know”
    “I’ll put on the mask and show everyone the person im not”
    “dried tears and smeared mascara”
    “Love me as I am or break my heart”
    “Forever crying on the inside”
    “When I say I’m ok don’t believe me”

    (I’m sawrrry cause I can’t do anything right)

  17. jst... on

    love is blind…………
    that’s the beauty of it…..

    even though it hurts….
    i luv the pain he gave me………..

  18. “maybe love made us sick and die, but we sometimes we must face the truth…that we born because of love”

  19. Innocent demon on

    ever since u broke my heart.. this razzor is the closest thing to me… </3

  20. misunderstood on

    Every successful person has a painful story. Every painful story has a successful ending.

    So accept the pain and get ready for success.

    i am who i am and theres nothing anybody can do about it i dont care who you are or how you grew up and thats a fact otherwise i would come to you and ask you. Never forget one thing though there will always be at least one person out there who loves you and cares for you you just have to open your heart and eyes up no matter the pain or loss because in the end it happens to everybody, nobodys perfect.

  21. Sidney on

    I’m afraid of milk and I don’t take showers. I’M SO EMO.. I’M SO DARK.

  22. prettyclairejewel on

    it’s hard to say goodbye to those person who made your life perfect….

  23. Sara on

    I am 16 years old. Sometimes I feel like cutting myself. I’m different. Yes I’m overweight, and I’m treated different not only because of that but because I keep to myself alot. There is a boy at my school, he is dating my best friend, and he is one of my best friends. We kissed last Tuesday, and now we go around acting like it didn’t happen. I like him alot, but . . . . . . I don’t even know anymore. My heart is ripped in pieces I feel like I don’t matter to anyone. I need some advice. This is killing me so much. I love him so much but he is in love with my best friend. Please give me advice on how to rid this pain from my heart.

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